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Our pre-orders

With our pre-order system, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.
From the selection of our materials, to the production of our models.
So many steps that allow us to better control the life cycle of our models and to
thus participate in the protection of the environment.  

Your most frequently asked questions

When will the shoes be delivered

Delivery is scheduled for early August 2021. That is 3 weeks of manufacturing time after the closing of pre-orders. Then it's time to receive them at our premises, check that they are impeccable and send them to you.

Why 3 weeks of manufacturing?

Our shoes are made in a Portuguese workshop in Porto. However, before assembling the shoe you have to make the outer soles, source ITALIAN leather, make the various customizations and cuts... It's a big job and we are not the only ones to make requests to the manufacturer!

Which country can we order from?

We have published shipping methods for mainland France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Luxembourg.
For those wishing delivery in the French Overseas Territories: contact us as we are not able to withdraw VAT on site orders. We will proceed via PayPal so that you benefit from the usual conditions. 
If you would like delivery to another country, contact us, it will be a pleasure to satisfy you! 

Why is the price crossed out?

The pre-order principle allows us to offer you advantageous prices: no stocks, no unsold items.
You get better value for money and help us do something for the planet!

What is this removable insole thing?

Our concept is based on the fact that the foot is a volume. The best way we have found to adapt the shoe to your foot is to provide removable insoles to allow you to adjust the comfort on a daily basis.
The second advantage of this system is that you have less chance that the shoe will not suit you after ordering online. 

How not to get the wrong size?

A visual guide awaits you on each product page.

If in doubt you can contact us. 

Our sandals
on pre-orders
until June 30, 2021


Short circuit production

We select suppliers and producers renowned for their know-how, located in Portugal or Italy.

Our Sneakers
on pre-orders
until July 30, 2021


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